Timing and Incremental Increases in Gift Expenses

Timing and Incremental Increases in Gift Expenses

Western men seeking online to date Russian women with the thought of potential marriage prospects in the future will, at some point, contemplate issues related to gift giving. Questions will arise pertaining to what gifts a woman might like, what is appropriate, and how much the man should spend. Of course, Russian ladies enjoy getting lovely gifts from the men who pursue them and such gifts can certainly contribute to the romanticized moments in the relationship. The gifts men and women give to one another can, therefore, intensify and amplify the feelings of both parties: This is important if you want to find and meet a future bride! However, this is only true if the gift giving is:

  • An act that is genuine, not manipulative
  • Appropriately timed and conveying real meaning from your heart
  • Not an act establishing an emotional debt or an expectation of something in return

If gifts are given to early on in the relationship, it can look as if the man is trying to “buy” the female with various gifts and through emotional manipulation or even a sense of obligation. It is not supposed to make someone feel as if they owe you one or has put them in an awkward position. Also, if you are buying a birthday gift for the Russian lady, for example, do so early on and mail it several weeks in advance to make sure it gets to her on time. Just do not break the bank when you buy small tokens of affection. Instead:

  • If you are going to increase the cost of gifts at all do so slowly over the course of the relationship.
  • Remember to refrain from being in a hurry to give gifts early on the relationship avoid the appearance of emotional manipulation.
  • When mailing gifts, do so in advance, but again keep moderation and mine in terms of price.
  • If expensive gifts make her feel awkward, refrain from buying expensive items all the time.

What Gifts are Appropriate

  • Just as the gifts during the initial stages of the relationship should not be extravagant, they should not be cheap or shoddy either. First, consider gift giving as doing something special and not giving your Russian companion everyday items. Do not offer lighters, paper, pens, or notebooks as gifts.
  • If attending the beautiful and pretty lady single‚Äôs home in Russia, the Westerner will want to bring a gift to express gratitude for being allowed into the home. This type of gift should be something like a moderately priced bottle of wine. Keep it special, try to stay away from the stereotypical bottle of vodka, or invest in a fine box of chocolates or some kind of dessert to complement the meal.

More Remarks on Gift Giving

  • Floral arrangements are a good any time kind of gift because you can use flowers to express friendship or romance. Thus, floral arrangements are perfectly suited to almost every occasion when gift giving, and there are different arrangements, so the affordable factor is decent.
  • When the female becomes pregnant, it is important to refrain from giving her any gifts during pregnancy. Is a custom to wait until the child is born.